XFT-Excrement cleaning machine







◆The use of the most advanced national standard of the pin gear reducer, to ensure the rationality of the output transmission ratio

◆The motor and the speed reducer connected pipe has the advantages of small size, simple operation

◆Special thickening scraper ensures long service life of the machine.

◆The scraper is made of high precision NC machine tools, and never deformed.

◆Special chain, corrosion resistance, long service life






◆The operator should be aware of the performance of the machine  and the control of the travel switch, and often check the reliability of the control system and the safety system.

◆At least two times a day.

◆Reducer general every six months to add a lubricating oil

◆Frequently clear the residual chicken manure dung scraping plate on, to extend the service life of equipment


生产设备先进 \ 配有完备的检测手段 \ 引进了先进的质量控制设备 \ 并吸取国内外同类产品之精华 \ 采用优质材料和先进工艺