XFT-High strength wet curtain


◆ 波纹纸特殊处理,结构强度高,耐腐蚀,使用周期长。

◆ 具有优良的渗透吸水性,可以保证水均匀淋透整个湿帘墙。

◆ 特定的立体空间结构,为水与空气的热交换提供了*大的蒸发表面积。

◆ 外框有铝合金与镀锌板可选。


◆Corrugated paper has high intensity structure,corrosion resistant,long service life.

◆Fine percolating and absorbing water to ensure water drip wet the wall.

◆Specific stereoscopic structre.It can provide the largest evaporation surface area for heating exchanging between weater and air.

◆Outer fname can be alternative of aluminum alloy and galvanized boand.

    XFT cooling pad system is finished in the core- paper packing plate .There is a thin water 

film on the surface of corrugated fiber paper , when the dry heating air outside is crossing 

the paper packing plate absorbed by wind machine , the water on the thin water film can absorb the heat of air and evaporate into steam , then the cool and humid air can enter the room after treatment . The nature processing is just like wind blowing on the water level . 

Ventilatim fan and cooling pad, best efficient and economic temperature drop measure in summer . 


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