XFT-Ordinary fan


◆外框采用先进的自动加工工艺,特厚镀锌板制作 ,好的耐腐蚀性





◆Advanced automatic processing technology, made from highly   galvanized steel sheets  with extremely corrosion resistance

◆Belt pulley ;High-strength stainless steel ensure its service life 

◆Stamping new twisted blades , A reasonable shape can make the air flow to achieve the best

◆Shutter with special system which can ensure the shutter open and close autom-atically, and makes it dustproof, waterproof

◆The protecting nets disassembly  easy . Built-in motor, easy installation



生产设备先进 \ 配有完备的检测手段 \ 引进了先进的质量控制设备 \ 并吸取国内外同类产品之精华 \ 采用优质材料和先进工艺